Monday, September 14, 2009

The Jerk

I’ve been a jerk to everyone recently!
I dunno what had happened to me but I just can’t control my anger.
I get upset and mad at everything.
Then, I started to screw anyone who get against my will. Sooner, later, I felt terribly bad and regret.
What have i done?
I always wanna be the perfectionist and to get everything done in nice and proper ways. Be nice to everyone.
But recently I just failed doing so.
Perhaps I need to book an appointment with some anger-management therapists.
I felt like wanna cry out aloud but I dunno what’s the reason I am crying for.
I dunno who’ll be the one beside me to console me when I was down.
I felt lonely.


kueyteowkungfu said...
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kueyteowkungfu said...

it's ok 2 feel angry when u feel down.
juz like me...hahaha.BUT mke sure dat u dont let ur anger 2 ppl around's not fair 4 them.didn't they? u should find da reason y u were angry then try 2 overcome it.if u cnnot fce it alone...then it's better 2 find sum1 dat u r comfortable wif n tell him/her ur problem.

hm...if u want 2 cry...then juz cry!u'll feel better after do dat.believe me!hehehe.(^,~)
crying doesn't mean u a loser but it help u relief ur feelings.if u afraid ppl will knoe da u r crying...then go 2 toilet o sum place dat u sure there's no 1 will knoe dat u r crying.huhuhu.(^,~)
better do it when u r going 2 sleep.hehehe.(^,~)

1 more is...dont keep ur prob alone will lead u bcome more anger n u'll stress up urself.elakkn ok.(^,~)
try talk bout ur feeling 2 ppl dat u cmfortable wif.(^,^) nyte3!eh!salah!morning!ngeeee...=p

rossoneri said...

since i've been in bangi...i always being jerk..
'moody' 'not talk much''dont want to hang out'... but i guess im lucky i have fren dat understand me..she always ignore my 'jerk', im ok lah..from jerk to ok..eventhough i will come back be a jerk again(hoho)..everyone like that lah..we just need someone that can understand..

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