Monday, September 14, 2009

4shared Site was Hacked

I was trying to access 4shared today to upload some files I can't send through email 'coz it's too bulky. However, whenever I try to login, it keeps on directing me to the address below:
Well, obviously, this means the whole 4shared site was hacked.

Upon some research (Google), I found out that 4shared was indeed hacked and those who are using this popular online storage service like myself were alarmed.

According to some people, 4shared put up for those who wants to use their service. For now, let's just use other sites that offer free online storage services. I don't trust the site completely so let's just wait 'til everything's settled or, better yet switch to a different file sharing service.

I really prefer 4shared over any other file sharing websites because the site's layout looks clean, and the ads don't clutter the whole site.


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